Stop swiping.

Start dating.

Our Approach

We Arrange Dates

Date Confirmed

tbc is designed to ensure you'll spend more time out on dates than you will using the app itself.

There’s no swiping or endless chats, just a novel approach to arranging dates that you'll want to be on.

What Our Users Say

"Really like this app, concept is a great idea and is actually different to other dating apps. I really like that you don't have to message endlessly which I personally have never got on with!"

- Sarah K.

"It’s really easy to use and there's no endless texts. You can also hear the voice of your potential date which is really great. Overall I really like this app, I will definitely be using it again!"

- Arnaud A.

"I really like the voice element as you can tell a lot about attraction through voice. I tend to find that within secs of an in-person meet you can tell if you like someone regardless of the hours of conversation beforehand.

tbc really gives you that feeling before you commit to a date."

- Nicola R.